An iconic place

Located in the heart of the Historic Center of Zaragoza, Maison TRÁPALA constitutes not only a footwear store, but a unique space where art, sneakers and boots coexist in perfect harmony.

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a historic building

From oil paintings to different sculptures they decorate our home. Along with our footwear collections, this historic building houses a small paradise for those who love art and value craftsmanship.

Designed from a passion for good taste and visited daily by a multitude of curious people and lovers of architecture, our store stands out in Méndez Núñez, also known as "the shopping street."

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One-size-fits-all footwear

The TRÁPALA models range from sneakers and ankle boots to the highest boots at knee height.

The COLORE collection collects the lines of different works by Casadevall, while the BRANDY collection offers an alternative design based on the brand's own logo.

Constructed of high quality materials, all our models come with a memory insole to recover its shape after stepping, thus offering maximum comfort.

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Cult of footwear, cult of art

In TRÁPALA, art and footwear walk hand in hand. For this reason, we understand that our designs should be treated as what they are: works of art with great work behind them.

On a street with as much traffic as Méndez Núñez, our showcase is known for its unique way of displaying and praising our pieces.

If you don't know us yet, we invite you to come and have a coffee or a sweet wine while you enjoy art and a good conversation.

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