The founder

Casadevall's vision

At the heart of TRÁPALA beats the vibrant pulse of innovation, exclusivity and limitless artistic expression. Founded by Spanish-Italian artist Casadevall, our brand emerges as a living tribute to more than twenty years of artistic exploration and an unwavering passion for bringing art outside of the galleries and in every step you take.


Casadevall's Italian heritage, mixed with the cultural influence of the flamenco school run by his father's sister in Vercelli (Italy), has been an indisputable source of inspiration.

This amalgamation of cultural and artistic experiences has permeated the philosophy of TRÁPALA, marking the beginning of an ambitious project to bring art to the streets through pioneering and avant-garde designs.

In the photo, Casadevall in his studio in 2007.

The concept of "Art Walking"

TRÁPALA is the culmination of more than twenty years of experimentation by Casadevall with acrylics, oils and natural pigments on various media.

Each pair of our footwear, be it sneakers, ankle boots or boots, is a fashion statement and a wearable work of art. They are exclusive pieces that encapsulate the essence of Casadevall's art, offering customers not only a fashion item but a piece of artistic history to take away.


With an unwavering dedication to quality and exclusivity, each design is a limited edition, ensuring that its wearers own not only a fashion item, but a collectible piece of art.

Our collections are meticulously classified according to their shaft, creating a universe of worship for artisan footwear, converted into a work of art and destined to set trends.


Looking to the future, TRÁPALA and Casadevall continue to challenge the boundaries between art and fashion, inviting everyone to join in this journey of discovery and personal expression.

With each step taken in our shoes, a new path of beauty and inspiration is charted, celebrating the individuality and passion that moves us all.

This commitment to innovation and artistic expression allows us to not only create unique and desirable products but also foster positive change in the fashion industry and beyond.


At TRÁPALA, our vision goes beyond the fusion of art with fashion; We embrace sustainability as a fundamental pillar of our brand.

This commitment is manifested in every aspect of our process, from the careful selection of environmentally friendly materials, to the adoption of production practices that minimize our environmental impact.

We recognize the urgency to act responsibly and, therefore, we choose recyclable packaging and processes that ensure lower carbon emissions.